" Realistic Dinosaur VR Package where you can see the ecology of 50 species of dinosaurs with your own eyes.
You can experience the dinosaur era dating back to ten thousand years ago from the Triassic period to Cretaceous period. "


" Realistic Dinosaur VR Package where you can see the ecology of 50 species of dinosaurs with your own eyes.
You can experience the dinosaur era dating back to ten thousand years ago from the Triassic period to Cretaceous period. "


Experience realistic dinosaur VR Package

“DINOWORLD VR Package is a premium learning tool for children that combines expert-ascertained high-quality 3D graphics with cutting-edge information technologies (AR+VR).”

Touch dinosaurs that are alive on the augmented-reality cards and turn them around to acquire information on dinosaurs.
Enter the era of dinosaurs of 10 thousand years ago and feel the vivid breath of dinosaurs next to them.
  • Tino’s Nature Exploration Series is Korea’s first emotional story-telling educational contents based upon the results of historical researches.
  • It is a smart application book that experts from each field made to inspire dream and imagination into children.
  • Its interactive contents excite the senses of children, arouse their interest in science, and improve their imagination, creativity and problem-solving ability.

Let’s go on a tour to the safari where our animal friends live.
Hi-Animals Series is a 3D-based smart application book that consists of the worlds of ten mammals including elephants, foxes, bears, lions, hippos, koalas, kangaroos, giraffes, chimpanzees, etc.

HiMAMMAL series 5 Title

Nature Exploration Series

Nature Exploration Series (Totally 120 titles)

  • The 1st , Dinosaurs series (10 titles)
  • The 2nd, Mammalian series (10 titles)
  • The 3rd, Bird series (10 titles)
  • The 4th, Reptile series (10 titles)
  • The 5th, Amphibian series (10 titles)
  • The 6th, Fish series (10 titles)
  • The 7th, Marine Life series (10 titles)
  • The 8th, Insects series (10 titles)
  • The 9th, Flower and tree series (10 titles)
  • The 10th, Mineral and stone series (10 titles)

This is a nature exploration application book series for children where they can have various interesting experiences: making paper with elephant dung, drawing a picture on the paper, knowing how elephants defeat their enemies, seeing the sharp teeth of lions, etc.

Let’s go on a tour to the place where foxes live.
Where do the foxes sleep?
Wow! Look at the fox in the snowfield. What is it doing?
How are dog and fox’s pupils different?

Let’s take a trip to African Savanna with elephants.
Whoops! The elephant is in danger. How does an elephant defy an elephant’s attack?
Can an elephant protect its skin from mosquitoes?
Wow? What can we make with elephant dung?

Let’s take a trip to the place where bears live.
Wow! Look at the bear hunting salmons.
Where does a bear hibernate during the winter?
Can a bear smell better than me?

Let’s take a trip to where the lion, the king of animals, lives.
Wow! Look at the family of lions.
What is food chain?
Let’s dress up the lion together.

DINOWORLD App 10 Title

Nature Exploration Series

Smart App Book that you can experience with the five senses by rubbing, turning around and tapping.
Smart App Book is a creative application book that consists of Korea’s first full HD quality 3D images, observational specimen images, and rotatable 3D actual image data.

  • “Tino’s Nature Exploration series” is the first emotional story telling educational contents based on academic ascertainment
  • The Smart App-Book is made by the experts in different fields in order to infuse dreams and imaginations to children.
  • It arouses the interest of children for science by the interactive contents stimulating the five senses and enhancing the imagination, creativity and problem solving capability.
  • Creative Smart App Book is installed with Korea’s first full HD-quality 3D image, observation specimen image and rotatable 3D photorealistic data.
  • It targets children (ages 3~9) and consists of a total of 10 topics
  • Emotional rapport with dinosaurs through conversation, self-directed learning such as ‘problem arising-> challenging -> problem solving’ and integrative thinking through STEAM education can be developed.
  • You can experience the work of dinosaur expert by ‘digging, observing, experimenting, ecology seeing, epoch finding, exhibiting’


Where was the discovery of Tyrannosaurus fossil bones? How did the Triceratops hunt?


How tall it was? How much did it weigh?
What was the role of frill on the head?


What was the role of its corrugated bone?
How did it defeat Allosaurus?


What was its body length?
What kind of food did it eat and how was it digested?


What was the thickness of the skull of
the Pachycephalosaurus? How did it make a head butt?


What shape was the snout of a Parasaurolophus?
What was the role of the crest on the head?


How was the armor skin of the Ankylosaurus made?
How did it fend off attacks from the


Is a Velociraptor faster than a car?
How did Protoceratops make an attack?


How many neck bones did Plesiosaurus have?
How did it move its flippers?


What was the reason for Pteranodon’s long crest?
How did it fly?

DINOWORLD Book 10 Title

Experience realistic dinosaur Book Package

“The world of the dinosaurs by experiment and observation”
Dinosaur learning books brings you the challenging knowledge
by following the research process that experts make!

  • You can learn about the ten most favorite dinosaurs among children in detail through experiment and observation.
  • You can experience the research process of experts such as digging-> observation-> experimentation-> ecology observation-> classification.
  • It is the nation’s first dinosaur tutorial material tailored to the eye level of children and where advanced information can be easily understood.
  • When the picture book is either scanned by a Smartphone or Smart Pad, it implements augmented reality animation by showing living dinosaurs.

“Paper book combined with Hi-Technology”
The dinosaur play book lets users play freely with
live dinosaurs in the book!

  • The dinosaur play book uses digging, bone assembling, skull viewing, appearance watching, ecology observation, etc. by Smart devices.
  • It provides vivid content by combining the latest Unity technology combined with AR technology.
  • Each time you turn over a new page, you can experience the fascinating world of the dinosaur.